naked beauty

you get what you pay for

💥 we don’t invest in expensive or eye-catching packaging then pass the cost on to you!! 💰

✅ bottled products contain a lot of water, which is cheap to buy

✅ naked products contain effective ingredients that cost more 

✅ we use fair trade + natural + organic + cruelty free + palm oil free ingredients

zero waste

How many products do you have in your bathroom you’re not using that you bought because of eye catching packaging?

Naked beauty reduces waste by providing full lifecycle products that have maximum impact to your skin with minimal environmental imprint.

reduces cost

✅ we spend the extra money saved on packaging on formulating high quality products with fragrance blends only made of essential oils, absolutes, hydrosols, and concentrates 🌿

💥 naked not only makes us feel good and sleep well, but it also reduces our bottom line which allows us to invest into high quality + intentional ingredients 🌿

reduces unneeded products

💥 our products will never pit stop in your bathroom on the way to the landfill!!! ♻️

💝 providing personalized skincare and service is the best environmental practice - you find the best product for your needs, you get the most value for your money, we get an Adana Beauty family member, consumption of unneeded products falls, and money isn’t wasted

no preservatives

❌ no water in our products makes the product self-preserving 

✅ neither you, your family, or our earth have worrying to do over preservatives

soap sleeves grow into wildflowers

Our soaps are sleeved in plantable wildflower paper to ensure the only packaging you receive can be sowed back into the earth, can recreate life, and can help sustain our bee 🐝 ecosystem 💚💚