prevents wrinkles + soothes skin irritation + natural antioxidant

natural exfoliant + toner

reduces acne + eczema + psoriasis

makes skin soft + shiny + supple

excellent for dry or dehydrated skin

fights free radicals + naturally closes pores + provides a protective shield for the skin

chia seeds

rich in omega-3 in the form of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) + omega-6 + smaller amounts of other healthy fats, such as oleic acid + stearic acid

prevents premature aging + UV damage

rich in linoleic acid which has been shown to help restore the skin’s moisture barrier, especially in those with dry skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis + psoriasis

lotus stamens

brightens skin

anti-wrinkle +  anti-acne + anti-bacterial + skin coolant + emollient + stress reducer

natural exfoliant + antioxidant improves cell regeneration + blood circulation to the skin

himalayan pink salt

remarkably rich in over 80 essential + trace minerals including Calcium + Potassium + Magnesium + Iron + Copper

revitalizes the skin + acts as a natural exfoliant 

leaves skin looking smoother

relaxing + soothing

rose petals

Rose has a variety of vitamins + antioxidants + minerals 

fantastic for tackling dry skin 

offers astringent properties making it an excellent combatant of acne + redness + inflammation 

full of anti-aging properties + vitamins A + C + D + E, which help minimize wrinkles + fine lines

balances the skin’s pH with its antibacterial properties


skin calming effects - good for sunburn

sabinene, a primary component of tansy, is an effective anti-inflammatory agent

camphor concentrations in tansy have been shown to reduce inflammation in the body + repair damaged skin



refreshing + rejuvenating + packed with therapeutic benefits 

a pleasant, delicate fruity, floral, green, herbal aroma 

aids in reducing tissue + skin inflammation + is beneficial for rheumatism and infections or ocular irritation (stye, conjunctivitis)

helps alleviate sunburns + skin disorders


a staple in Ayurvedic medicine + Chinese herbology due to its high vitamin + mineral content

Alpha-Hydroxy Acid + Amino Acid AHA helps reduce cell adhesion in the outermost layer of skin + hair without damaging or stripping them of their natural moisture—which can sometimes occur with synthetic AHAs

amino Acids are necessary for producing keratin, which makes up the key structure of our hair + skin 

for the body to produce healthy hair + skin cells, it must have sufficient access to these amino acids

halts aging + improves skin tone + texture 

unblocks + cleans pores

productive for all skin types


Chamomile has been used for centuries for its calming aroma + its skin soothing properties

soothes irritated skin + eczema + psoriasis

anti-inflammatory + anti-fungal + antibacterial 

contains antioxidants which reduce skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals 

promotes a healthy glow of the skin 

heals + restores skin's natural moisture content 

increases the penetration + effectiveness of other skincare topicals

soothes + heals burns or sunburns, great for post-peel applications

hemp seed

a rich source of healthy fatty acids (80% by volume, 56% of which is linoleic acid) known to re-moisturize the skin and keep it smooth. 

anti-inflammatory activities can help alleviate redness + irritation + provide relief from itching 

antioxidants can regulate oil build-up + prevent excessive water loss thereby boosting skin rejuvenation 

has shown promising anti-bacterial activity 

can reverse the nutritional deficiencies seen in eczema + rosacea patients


anti-aging properties

antioxidant + anticancer + antibacterial agents

superior environmental adaptability

resistant to UV rays


anti-inflammatory properties ease skin conditions such as eczema + psoriasis + dermatitis 

eases itchy skin due to its rich content of histamine + chlorophyll + oxyacetylene + iron shrink

tightens the top layer of skin 

aids in minor skin injuries like scrapes + annoying razor nicks

black pepper


natural exfoliator

removes dead skin cells 

reduce sagginess of the skin + prevents the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles 

powerful anti-aging ingredient  

increases blood circulation, which indirectly + directly ensures youthful + radiant looking skin




regulates sebum production, which makes it effective in treating conditions such as, seborrhea, dandruff or acne

stimulates cell renewal + increases blood circulation

rich in calcium + vitamin A, which are needed for daily cell regeneration which helps minimize + delay the onset of facial wrinkles

improves the appearance of varicose veins + broken capillaries by reducing redness + restricting capillaries

assists in improving acne, athlete’s foot and chapped skin, and relieving symptoms of eczema and psoriasis

bee pollen granules

contains vitamins + minerals + carbohydrates + fats + enzymes + essential amino acids

natural source of antioxidants such as phenolic acids + polyphenols

In addition to antioxidant protection, the phenols + flavonoids of bee pollen also provide skin-soothing + astringent properties that promote healthier looking skin