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Reduces dark spots + blemishes with Vitamin C

Fights off free radicals to prevent premature skin aging

Antibacterial properties help fight acne

Boosts circulation in the skin

Promotes cell growth + collagen synthesis

Shrinks large pores + firms skin (astringent)

calendula OIL

help to plump the surface of your skin to give you tighter + more supple skin almost instantly 

both the anti-inflammatory + antioxidant properties help to protect your precious collagen + elastin supply 

used to treat acne + eczema + psoriasis + skin inflammation


helps to even out skin tone + works as a natural astringent to prevent acne

high in Vitamin C, which stimulates the production of collagen to soften the skin 

brightens + reduces the appearance of dark spots + wrinkles


heals acne + removes blackheads 

lightens dark spots + blemishes 

calms dry skin 

naturally contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps reduce skin damage + premature aging

astringent qualities due to its high pH levels

decreases oil on the skin + reduces inflammation + antifungal


Rose has a variety of vitamins + antioxidants + minerals 

fantastic for tackling dry skin 

offers astringent properties making it an excellent combatant of acne + redness + inflammation 

full of anti-aging properties + vitamins A + C + D + E, which help minimize wrinkles + fine lines

balances the skin’s pH with its antibacterial properties


antibacterial + antimicrobial + antiseptic properties make it beneficial for reducing acne breakouts + skin irritation + skin infections

minimizes the look of wrinkles by tightening + firming the skin

balances the skin's pH + balances oil production 

adaptogenic, so it helps the body adapt to stress + normalize


antiseptic + antispasmodic + analgesic (pain-relieving) properties

light citrus scent with floral notes that are said to have healing properties 

commonly used in aromatherapy to elevate mood + alleviate stress 

nasal decongestant when inhaled 

reduces acne + eczema + psoriasis + joint pain


a staple in Ayurvedic medicine + Chinese herbology due to its high vitamin + mineral content

Alpha-Hydroxy Acid + Amino Acid AHA helps reduce cell adhesion in the outermost layer of skin + hair without damaging or stripping them of their natural moisture—which can sometimes occur with synthetic AHAs

amino Acids are necessary for producing keratin, which makes up the key structure of our hair + skin 

for the body to produce healthy hair + skin cells, it must have sufficient access to these amino acids

halts aging + improves skin tone + texture 

unblocks + cleans pores

productive for all skin types


Chamomile has been used for centuries for its calming aroma + its skin soothing properties

soothes irritated skin + eczema + psoriasis

anti-inflammatory + anti-fungal + antibacterial 

contains antioxidants which reduce skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals 

promotes a healthy glow of the skin 

heals + restores skin's natural moisture content 

increases the penetration + effectiveness of other skincare topicals

soothes + heals burns or sunburns, great for post-peel applications


clarify + balances skin

helps maintain the skin's natural pH balance + help control excess oil – great news for oily skin types! 

removes pore-clogging impurities

diminishes the appearance of enlarged pores for a more toned + smooth complexion


natural exfoliator, removes dead skin cells

reduce sagginess of the skin + prevents the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles

powerful anti-aging ingredient 

increases blood circulation, which indirectly + directly ensures youthful + radiant looking skin


Packed with abundant antioxidants + minerals that promote healthy skin 

anti-bacterial + detoxifier + anti-inflammatory

gets rid of rashes + sunburns


anti-fungal + antioxidant + antibacterial 

useful against acne + skin blemishes

minimizes acne by drying out the skin + by supporting blood flow to the skin

antiseptic properties can help in effective treatment for pimples + blackheads + clogged pores


has tiny scruffy particles filled with antioxidants + natural nutrients which help in exfoliating the skin

extracts the layers of dead skin cells

removes blackheads + whiteheads + releases clogged pores + combats acne

leaves the skin smooth + soft + supple


natural humectant 

leaves skin moist but not oily 

clears acne + heals scars + evens out skin tone 

balances bacteria on the skin 

speeds cell re-growth 

acts as an antiseptic 

acts as a catalytic carrier, or Anupana, of other healing substances, drawing them deep into the skin


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boosts immune system

fights infection

relieves anxiety

fights nasal + sinus congestion

promotes respiratory + cardiovascular health

energizes + uplifts mood


rich in nutrients including iron + calcium + vitamins + antioxidants

widely used in aromatherapy as its stimulant properties refresh + rejuvenate + help you feel energized

contains naturally powerful antioxidants that strengthen the capillaries + helps to slow the effects of aging on skin

tightens sagging + loose skin to help it look firmer + more elastic

stimulates biological activity + cell growth to reduce fine lines + wrinkles

powerful disinfectant + antibiotic properties, the herb can help to treat acne + oily skin conditions

lightens dark spots + blemishes on the skin resulting in an improved skin complexion

anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary extract help to reduce swelling + puffiness of the skin

helps to heal burns + soothes the skin

medicinal qualities makes it a powerful cure for chronic skin conditions including dermatitis + eczema + psoriasis


prevents acne

tightens pores

the presence of Camphene as a constituent in Basil helps it act as a toner which help in removing surplus oil + dead cells + dirt that blocks the follicles

protects the skin from the harmful effects of pollution + UV rays + skin infections due to its detoxifying properties

helps in retaining moisture while nourishing the skin




regulates sebum production, which makes it effective in treating conditions such as, seborrhea, dandruff or acne

stimulates cell renewal + increases blood circulation

rich in calcium + vitamin A, which are needed for daily cell regeneration which helps minimize + delay the onset of facial wrinkles

improves the appearance of varicose veins + broken capillaries by reducing redness + restricting capillaries

assists in improving acne, athlete’s foot and chapped skin, and relieving symptoms of eczema and psoriasis


burns toxins

inhibits muscle cramps + spasms

expectorant + decongestant

can relieve stress – the antioxidants in it protect your cells from stress and toxins

boosts your mood if inhaled

antibacterial + antifungal properties protect your skin from related infections

relieves acne + sores + wounds + scars + cuts + burns + skin rashes

reduces the symptoms of eczema

high in antioxidants so it can slow down the aging process + give you healthy + glowing skin

promotes hair growth

reduces dandruff


soothes acne + inflammation 

reduces mild skin allergy

strengthens hair 

treats fungal infection 

thwarts toxins 

repels bug


natural + effective essential oil that works against mosquitoes

antifungal agent 

treats parasitic infections 

promotes wound healing 

lifts mood + fights fatigue

tea tree

Tea tree oil, or melaleuca oil, is a popular essential oil from Australia. 

antiseptic + antimicrobial + anti-inflammatory properties

effective against mosquitos + flies + other insects

stops razor bump + ingrown hairs

eliminates dandruff + lice

strengthens hair + promotes growth


kills bacteria

prevents + heals acne breakouts

unclogs pores + reduces inflammation

has anti-fungal properties + can help keep eczema at bay

can be used to treat psoriasis

helps cleanse your skin + lessen redness + blotchiness + irritation

lavender oil is full of antioxidants

pain-relieving + numbing effects help soothe the inflammation from burn or sunburn

beta-caryophyllene in the oil also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory + promotes the healing of skin tissue


boosts energy + enhances mental focus

relieves + restores damaged or problematic skin

good for eczema + psoriasis + rosacea

burns toxins




mild astringent + natural toner 

clears off the dead cells + removes the dirt from the pores +  revamps your skin to a smoother + supple + well -hydrated tone

retains the moisture in your skin by tightening the pores 

refreshing + soothing 

helps pull blackheads + clogged pores


improves dry skin by increasing its ceramide content 

ceramides are a type of fatty acid in your skin responsible for maintaining its barrier + retaining its moisture

those who experience dry skin, dandruff, or skin disorders like dermatitis + psoriasis usually have lower ceramide levels

boosts skin's water-holding capacity + skin's barrier protection

contains a compound called macrocarpal A, which appears to stimulate ceramide production decreases scalp redness + itchiness + dryness+ scaliness